All About Adaptive Case Management

The adaptive case management or ACM is intended for effective management of business processes of the company. Any organization has numerous tasks and decisions that require the collective interaction of employees, outputs of tasks and instructions, and monitoring of periods of their execution. Sometimes it is better to use software like this for these purposes.
The ACM system gives an opportunity to the company to control all current projects and employees involved in the draft, including complete control of execution of the project at each stage and creating a real library of the best practices in the course of the current operation. Under library of the best practices, it is considered the corporate knowledge base. In a case when the employee faces the similar task which was carried out on another project, he can view in the corporate knowledge base how this or that process was built earlier. In other words, ACM is used not only for the operational management of similar processes but also allows to reveal and save a layer of knowledge which practical application allows increasing fruitfulness of any establishment.
ACM possesses all necessary resources: documents, information on internal specialists of the company, means of horizontal interaction with adjacent subdivisions, data on contractors and history of relations with them and also the corporate knowledge base with information on how similar business challenges in the past were solved.
ACM is the effective tool for all control box of establishment where managers of all levels from different professional spheres can become the user of the system: lawyers, experts in the field of purchases and sales, marketing specialists, the staff of finance departments and accounts departments.

How to implement the ACM system?
There are two best approaches:
● The first approach, the most widespread: to make automation of one of the most important processes of the company for improving one, most essentially important operational indicator, and then a step-by-step increase of a number of the processes automated. In other words to carry out a test drive on one of the business processes of the company.
● Second approach: use ACM directly for many business processes. Such an approach is used within scale programs of the transformation of business.