Answers to Potential ICO Makers’ Questions

Want to create your own crypto? Today with the help of ICO Catalog we’ll answer to some questions you may ask.

If you’re about to publish new cryptocurrency, there are a lot of details which need your attention. We’ll try to reveal some of them and to help you at the beginning of this journey.

How to know more about competitors?

Before selling your own crypto, there’s a need for studying the market. ICO Catalog is a service which can help you. There are almost 300 names of tokens which are rated and put in the table. You’ll know how much traffic, activity, potency, evaluation and how many messages and backlinks altcoins have.

How to earn more?

First of all, you should ask “how much does ico cost?”. It depends on the investors you’ve attracted. The experts say that running ICO may bring you from 100 thousand to 1,5 million dollars. It’s up to you, how many people will be interested in your project.

How to attract many investors?

There are some factors which influence this:

– Clear Whitepaper;

– Well-written project’s goals and description;

– A high-quality promoting video.

Investors will look at these things. But you need to do some things inside too. To find a reliable team, for example.

How much time does it take to publish ICO?

Launching is a fast process, but preparation may take several months. Of course, if you want a good product.

What is important to remember?

Every creator should choose safety and protection. So select only SSL-secured services and reliable platforms. Protect your earnings by transferring them to offline wallets or use mixing services.