Bestmixer is the most user-friendly Bitcoin cash mixer

This article is all about Bestmixer’s advantages, so we try to find out the reasons for calling it «the best». Read it if you have some doubts about using mixers and can’t make a choice.

Bestmixer is a popular crypto mixing service which attracts users because of its interface. Why is it so special?

Protection against all robberies and problems with the government

The mentioned service is SSL secured and Tor-friendly which helps to provide users a high level of protection. Also, it doesn’t keep any personal information, you’ll notice that if you visit And users’ incoming addresses are generated automatically and then deleted in 24 hours. Every client will be given with a personal mixing code, it’s like a guarantee that nobody will get the same coins back.

A variety of features for everyone

Bestmixer offers different options which personalize the mixing process. First of all, it isn’t only a Bitcoin cash mixer but it receives Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and soon there’ll be Ethereum. Users choose even pools for tumbling. They’re called Alpha, Beta and Gamma and differ one from another depending on the money it consists of. «Alpha» keeps only users’ currency, «Beta» combines bigger users’ transactions and crypto from private reserves, «Gamma» is full of private reserves and investors’ coins.

So Bestmixer is a great service at least for a trial. Add to all his functions an open API which can be integrated to any platform and enjoy a product of high quality for free.