Examples of successful use of push notifications for online business

Push notifications can be used in various online business areas to increase the site traffic, boost the sales, and enhance the number of the users of the app. The following examples of successful use of push notifications for online business will show you how you can use push ads efficiently.


This is the easiest and most understandable way to apply push notifications. First, you collect the database of subscribers and then send them information about products and services, promotions, or motivate users to buy.

In this case, push ads can give even better results than the usual email, for the following reasons:

  • The minimum conversion of site visitors to push subscribers is 2%, the average is 5%, and the maximum is 28%. Visitors to the site actively subscribe even without being offered bonuses and without using sites to receive additional subscriptions.
  • Conversion of delivered push messages into clicks is 10–20%.
  • Since when you open a message, you get to the page of the site you need, with push ads, the number of steps that the user needs to take to accomplish the targeted action is reduced.

Content marketing

One of the tasks of content marketing is to keep users’ attention to the materials you create. It is for these purposes that push notifications are great.

By collecting the subscriber base, you can gently inform them about the release of new interesting articles, pdf-books, video materials, studies, etc. Thus, you increase the activity of the audience and can sell the product or service to users who once left the site without having made a purchase.

Live webcasts and webinars

Push is the best way to notify about live online broadcasts. Since notifications appear on the screen instantly on receipt, you can remind users to start the broadcast right at the time of launch.

Email and SMS are delivered sometime after sending, up to several tens of minutes for a large mailing list. With push notifications, there is no such problem – the bandwidth is several thousand notifications from one site per minute.

With the use of push advertising network, it’s easy to increase the online audience of the webinar, streaming, etc. According to statistics, up to 36% of Chrome users subscribe to push notifications of this kind.

Messages for online stores

Push messages can be used as a substitute for transactional SMS and email messages. For example, for order status notifications, abandoned baskets, to offer additional accessories to products, etc.