True Hallmark of Indian Culture

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is conceited of having a rich heritage, culture and diversity. It is a country that boasts of beautiful landscapes to rugged mountains, adventure sports to spiritual and pilgrimage destinations and snaking rivers to countryside locales. It has an amazing natural beauty which is no less compared to the foreign destinations. It makes a perfect holiday destination for families as well as group and solo travelers. Although touring is quite an exciting task, it requires you to set aside a good amount of money which can many a time burn a hole in your pocket if proper planning is not done. Going on a vacation is loved by each and every one and thrills both an adult and a kid. With proper planning, one can not only travel all across India and enjoy the beauty but can also save up quite a lot to make up for shopping and relishing good food apart from saving.

True Hallmark of Indian Culture

Cost of travel in India is much lower than most of the countries. When a person can enjoy his vacation on a low budget then why would anyone choose to spend a fortune and travel to expensive places to experience the same beauty and fun? India is flocked by budget travelers in all seasons as they get to tour the country and yet save up on costs in many ways.  It gives the traveler an option to stay as lavishly or as modestly as he desires.

Hospitality in India

The true hallmark of Indian culture is its hospitality. Acclaimed as the second most genetically, linguistically and culturally diverse geographical entity in the world, a country as diverse and complex as India obviously reflects a diverse range of cultures, traditions, values, customs, numerous distinctive mannerisms, habits and cuisines. All these factors add up to making India a vibrant, colorful and vivid land where every Indian lives by the popular Indian adage “Atithi Devo Bhava” which translates to “Guest is God”. They consider the visit of a guest as an appearance of God himself. This is why, even today Indians have high regard and reverence for guests. Indians are very welcoming, hospitable, friendly and helpful when it comes to receiving guests.

Sitting upon chunks of beauty, culture, diversity and heritage; it marks itself as one of the most unique “must-visit” destinations in the world packed with vibrant colors, boisterous sounds and charismatic people!