Teeth Whitening Gels – How effective and safe are they?

The teeth whitening procedure is touted to be quite a popular modus operandi with many people across the world and this procedure used to be offered only at a dentist’s office, once upon a time. However, with the growing popularity and the results of the overwhelming benefits that the procedure offers, more and more companies and businesses have come forward with different kinds of solutions that are practically affordable to all. There are quite a few products and systems available like a tooth paste, mouth wash, mouth guard and even a tooth whitening gel that can be bought over the counter. Also, one can pick up dental rinses, whitening strips, trays and a host of other products that can be prescribed and bought at a dental office too.

Teeth Whitening Gels

Dentists usually recommend teeth whitening for people who have a healthy mouth and teeth.  Restoration work like fillings, crowns and veneers makes it difficult to whiten teeth. People with yellow teeth find that this process works best and whitens their teeth beautifully. Using a gel to whiten one’s teeth is definitely a good solution – here is an insight into all of it and more.

How effective are the products?

  • Toothpastes: Toothpastes help to get rid of surface stains with the help of mind abrasives. Some products contain polishes and chemicals which work additionally in removing stains effectively – these work to lighten by just a shade.
  • OTC Gels and strips: A Tooth whitening gel has a peroxide base and applied to a tooth with the help of a small brush. Gels usually have to be applied twice a day for 2 weeks for results.  Once teeth are whitened, results last around 4 months.
  • Rinses: These are fairly new products and like mouthwashes, they help to refresh one’s breath and reduce gum disease and plaque. Rinses are not as effective as laser whitening or even a teeth whitening gel.
  • Tray based Whiteners: Tray based whitening systems can be bought at a regular pharmacy or at the dentist’s office. It involves filling a mouth guard shaped like a tray.  A Teeth whitening gel are squeezed into the tray before wearing them on the upper and lower sets of teeth.  These have to be kept on for a period of time – ranging from a couple of hours to overnight.  People may have to wear them for up to a month or longer.  This depends on how discolored a person’s teeth are and also how white they want their teeth.
  • In Office Whitening: This is perhaps the quickest and safest way to whiten teeth. When this process is done in the dentist’s office, all precautions are taken before the process begins. Dentists offer a variety of procedures – laser teeth whitening and even tray whitening kits.  Depending on how much a person can afford, the process can last for an hour or a few weeks too.  Patients should be aware that it is considered a cosmetic process and costs are not covered by any insurance.