Organizing moving to the new apartment

The one who at least once faced moving understands that it is connected not so much with pleasant expectations of new life, but with an improbable stress. However, one can minimize stress and deal with moving as soon as possible. Especially if one makes a contract with the moving service company

Be not afraid to throw out things
You shouldn’t carry to the new apartment things you do not really need. If you didn’t use them the last several years, then you will hardly be from now on. Carry out sorting twice: the first stage will allow getting rid of everything obviously unnecessary, the second will reveal what was regretted to throw out directly.
It is important not to spend for ejection of things days and weeks. Not to try to attach the unnecessary things. Use service of free announcements: if you expose the symbolical price, then even with a shipment at own expense condition the unnecessary piano and an old children’s bed will disappear from your apartment the next morning.

Sort correctly
It is possible to divide things into different groups and boxes based on the type. However, it makes a sense to arrive only if you want to move tomorrow. Sweep away everything from shelves and further.
If it is slightly more time, then all groups of things also should be categorized by the principle of the importance. In the first group — what is used daily or regularly and on required in the new place to you primarily. The second group — things like clothes. The third group — things for emergency (are you still sure that a half of your staff doesn’t need to be thrown out/presented/sold?).
To pack it is necessary to unpack objects in the same order. We begin with the most significant. And not to get confused in boxes, for first-priority things use a packaging adhesive tape of other colors. So you will be able to find directly after arrival all the most necessary staff. Things from the list 2 and 3 can stay some time in boxes: you will sort gradually.